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June 6th, 2013

Much shooting was done on the weekend as Eric, Rob, and Joanna were joined by Makeup Genius Ashley Young and Gentleman Heckler Shaun Stewart to shoot a couple of quick prototype episodes of Space Cab! ¬†Unfortunately, these episodes are not for public consumption. They’re to see what we have, what we need, and what we can do better (hint: acting lessons for Eric).

Sure, it may look cheap, but it only fell down thrice-- I mean Twice!

Sure, it may look cheap, but it only fell down thrice– I mean Twice!

The footage will be put together into a rough cut by Eric, who will then make notes (using his own tears as ink, of course) and pass the info and project files on to Rob, who will weave his magic (he says it’s magic, but we’re pretty sure it’s just colour correction and a particle generator) and finalize all the bits and bobs. Then we tear it all down and do it again!

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